Board games for investigating future visions of TV


Commissioned by the Dutch public broadcaster (NPO), we studied visions of the future of watching TV, new forms of television and video content, and the role of the public broadcaster in all this.
Moving from understanding your users and identifying their problems and needs to ideas for concrete solutions can be quite a challenging phase in design, especially when involving end-users in the ideation process. As most end-users find it difficult to grasp the essence and opportunities of new technologies, there is a need for ideation techniques that engage people with no real interest in or affinity with technology to think about what they would like technology to do for them. In order to overcome this problem, we developed a novel diary card set that captures current practices. We also developed a board game to involve end-users in coming up with new concepts and services for the future of television.

Finally, I developed these concepts into speculative prototypes that represent end-users visions of the future, which we then presented as starting points for discussion with and between the client and the public. My role in this project was in the conceptualisation, design and development of research material, the card sets and board game. Furthermore, I organised and personally facilitated two workshops with four families. For a separate interview at home I developed and presented prototypes and interactive storyboards.

Game prototypes

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